Saturday, 30 October 2010

Coon And Friends, South Park: Lets Get This Straight.

So Seen the new South Park?
If you have I bet you to are trying to figure out who the fuck is who? Right?
So hears what I think so far?

Cartman - The Coon, (we all know this!)
Kyle -
Mosquito (I think because they argue the same and the jewy voice) lol)
Stan - Toolshed  (Got to be)
Timmy -
iron maiden (well )
Token - Tupperware (yes)
Kenny - mintberrycrunch ( still not sure, cartman picks on him alot, (as always) kenny has blond hair (I remember seein kenny with his hood down in the movie))

Craig - mysterion ( just because his voice and in the first one he is asleep in the classroom)
Iron maiden - Timmy (of course)
Human kite - Kenny? Cleg?

Think thats all of them? Any way let me know what you think? copypasta and comment:


  1. Kenny is definitely human kite.

    mintberry crunch is brandon? if you watch the episode him and mintberry crunch have the same haircut/haircolor

  2. I keep missing all the new episodes

  3. Pretty spot on. I hate how they use that random blonde kid who no one knows. Just confusing!

  4. Umm I am not sure, I couldnt recognize any of them :/

  5. I thougt that craig is mysterion too, but now i think he ie the mosquito and kenny is mysterion

  6. Great episode all around! I'm very curious to see though if they end it when Cartman jumps out his window or things progress. With Matt and Trey, you never really know!

  7. Not sure about the whole theory at all. Mysterion remains a mystery for us