Monday, 1 November 2010

South Park Season 11 Episode 10 *Imaginationland* You Will Suck My Balls!

So as some of you may have seen this clip i uploaded was taken down and blocked worldwide in minutes of been put on the web by Viacom the owners of comedy central / south park and many moar netwox, some of you might see this as fair? but i see it as a pussy atempt to take the right we have to voice our opinons and speak freely! what do i get out of it? not alot, but by me uploading a clip to express my love for the show and do a bit of FREE ADVERTIVE for them, they see it as a piracy
So i have re-uploaded it,


  1. this got me goin ape like orangutangs

  2. Sucks that it's blocked :/
    imaginationland is still one of the most awesome episodes tho =D

  3. I freaking love South Park, especially Cartman :P

  4. Bah, so much blocked shit on youtube, wish they took it down. More annoying is when stuff is 'blocked in this country' :@